January 31, 2018 Weekly Breakfast Meeting

Our 8AM breakfast meeting for the last Wednesday of the month only saw 6 members. If you are among the missing, you can add your image to the photo above. And we had a very poor rendition of GOD BLESS AMERICA. Walt reported that he has all the “paperwork” ready to submit to CIT to have lunch there May 9th for our SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS CEREMONY. Yup, CIT now needs all kinds of paperwork just to have a meeting there. Walt also reports that next Wednesday the 7th is the Cheston K-Kids meeting. A reminder that this Monday at 7PM there will be a public forum for the OPIOID AWARENESS CAMPAIGN at the Greater Shiloh Baptist Church, 403 Pastor Fred Davis St, Easton. The program will focus on “Breaking Through Addiction” and as always is open and welcome to the public. Next Wednesday February 7 we will have a monthly Board Meeting at 11AM at the Pomfret Club. Our club has been invited to attend the Lafayette College Scholarship Recognition Dinner Friday February 28 starting at 6PM: if interested check with Bill as reservations need to be submitted on the 7th. Keep in mind that the last Wednesday meeting is VERY CASUAL and yes, YOGA pants would not be inappropriate. We promise to have the meetings over by 9AM before the City parking meters start. Its not an official breakfast as you can pick and chose among the couple of vendors open that early at the Easton City Market or as some do bring your own coffee or sandwich or nothing at all. We socialize, discuss various projects/events and usually do not have speakers.

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