February 21, 2018 Weekly Meeting

Our meeting this week started with Sec’y Barb giving a report on Ken Wildrick’s recovery from his open-heart surgery.  She saw him yesterday and said he looks great and today he has his first Dr. appointment since his surgery.  He very much appreciated the card from his friends at Kiwanis.  Since Ken will be a while yet in recovery, we need those who signed up to help with the 100th anniversary gala to step up and lend a hand.  Please let Ken or Pres. Bill know what you can do to help!

Walt gave a report on our SLP’s and he will be out of town on the slopes next week and would appreciate any help at the scheduled SLP meetings.  Please let the sec’y know whenever you do volunteer work so that those times can be recorded with Kiwanis Int’l.  Bill reported that the Literacy Guides were being distributed and the agencies receiving them are grateful for them.  Next week’s meeting will be an 8AM morning meeting at the Easton Market.  James announced that the next public opioid program will be at Lafayette College on March 26.  He then introduced our speaker for today, Lisa Wolfe, Sr. Manager at the Center for Humanistic Change, a program that has been around for 40 years.  One of the things they do is to set a mock-up of a teen’s bedroom to educate parents on the many ways to conceal illegal drugs.  They help families to share their stories to educate others.  This is not a new problem; it has been going on for many years.  Doctors and hospitals have been “financially” rewarded for pain control but this approach is changing.  Purdue Drug, developer of the drug “Oxy” has cut their sales staff by ½.  About 80% of heroin users started with prescription painkillers.  Tolerance of these drugs only increases the perceived need for more.  This tolerance may require multiple doses of naloxone or Narcan to counter the deadly affects of the drug. Many start with alcohol, then opioids and finally heroin.  Marijuana is being laced with heroin or opioids.  Every day 144 people die of drug overdoses 63% by opioids.  In fact, life expectancy is down for the first time due to these deaths.

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