Weekly Meeting May 2, 2018

Today our newest member, Jan introduced us to her guest, and another potential new member, Terri Thomas who is a professor at LCCC and an educational consultant.  We welcomed her with our traditional singing of Welcome to Kiwanis!  We continued with our singing of Happy Birthday to our Kiwanians with May birthdays. Next Wednesday we will be meeting at noon at CIT for lunch and the presentation of our annual scholarships.  There will be a board meeting before the regular meeting.  We will be voting on our officers for the coming year at next week’s meeting: President Neil Gallagher; Pres. Elect Skip Fairchild; VP Janet Morgan; Treas. Gary Tempest; Sec’y Bill Walters. Board members Walt Howell and Sarah Panovec.  The Foundation will also hold elections for board members Roger Conners and Vic Dennis. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. Pres. Bill made us aware of a contest that we have entered in which we can win up to $25,000 towards our playground project.  You can begin voting on May 15 and continue daily until noon on May 31.  You can vote once each day for our project and help us achieve our goal.  The link is https://wyng.io/KI6Y3L. Check it out so you’re prepared next week to being on the 15th. And next week ask all of your friends to vote every-single-day. On our web page there is also a new link directly to our 100thanniversary project of the playground and sustainable gardens we are going to build in the Neston Heights area of Easton near the Boys & Girls Club.  Walt and Nick attended the final Shawnee K-Kids meeting this morning.  June 9 will be Kiwanis Day at the Phillies.  Joanne has your Super Raffle Tickets; don’t leave without a couple! Bill then called Gary Tempest forward and presented him with his Legion of Honor award for 25 years of community service with Kiwanis. He then turned the meeting over to Skip.  May 16 will be our Officer of the Year program with the Easton Police Dept.; June 6 we will have a tour of the Taylor/Parsons House; and on Aug. 8 we will have a tour of Bushkill Park! He then introduced our speaker for today, Jenna Morris founder of Recovery Revolution, a facility located in Bangor that is licensed by the state to treat all types of addiction, both substance and behavior.  They have school programs in both the Easton and Wilson Districts.  Most people need help to conquer their addictions, which affects all aspects of their lives.  The opioid crisis has changed the picture of addiction.  95% of the untreated addicts will die of their addiction while 90% who work a program of recovery stay clean and sober.  Recovery Revolution began in the Slate Belt as there were no programs in that area with a staff of 2 and they now have a staff of 15 along with many volunteers.   They created a place of socialization without the source of addiction.  They get families involved in the process as well. There are many different types of referrals such as self, court, doctors, social services, employers, and schools.  They are a charitable non-profit 501©3 agency.  They also started a recovery center called “A Clean Slate” in Bangor, which is a drop in center with 12-step programs.  They also have a program within the Northampton County jail called “Fresh Start” which currently has 400 inmates involved.   There is a drug called Vivitrol, which is an injection that blocks the receptors that produce the addictions.  It can only be given by a doctor and helps address the needs of the inmates once they are released.  Recovery Revolution is participating in the Highmark Walk this year to help raise funds for their programs.

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