Weekly Meeting-Annual Super Raffle June 13, 2018

We had a super turn-out for today’s Super Raffle drawing with 39 people attending for lunch and our largest annual fund-raiser.  After a very brief  business meeting where not much business was discussed, we got down to the business at hand:  the Super Raffle!  Chuck Snyder manned the ball cage with the 200 numbered ping pong balls, and he handed each one as it was drawn to Pres. Bill Walters who called out each number and corresponding name.   Skip Fairchild recorded the numbers in the order drawn and Charlie Adams returned them to the original rack.  Our Raffle Chair, Joanne Cappellano and Treasurer Gary Tempest were verifying and recording all the names and numbers being called. In the end, it paid to belong to Kiwanis today as several of the winners came from the ranks of our membership.  There were as always, 2 $500 winners and 7 $150 winners and the Grand Prize.  Finally, the grand prize of $10,000 was split 5 ways as all of the last five tickets owners had agreed to split. That is after one of them who was in attendance changed his mind, and the other 4 were greatly relieved!  Each one of them received $2,000!  The Super 50:50 provided one lucky winner with $485 for a 10 dollar investment. And, once again this year all 200 tickets were sold before the drawing.  So next year, get yours early!  Great job again by our Super Raffle chairperson, Joanne Cappellano and our treasurer, Gary Tempest.  Next week we will have as our speaker, Peggy Castronova, sales director from Easton Home Personal Care.  Join us then!

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