Weekly Meeting August 8, 2018

We just made our quota of 15 today thanks to everyone who came to our weekly meeting.  Walt announced that our SLP’s are on track for this coming school year.  James reported that our Opioid Awareness Task Force will be at Palmer Days next weekend and we still need a few people to sign up so check your e-mails and see if you can help out.  The following weekend they will have a presence at Walgreens in Forks Twsp. We sang happy birthday to members Joanne Cappellano, Janet Morgan and Gary Tempest and Sarah Panovec’s 3-year anniversary is this month as well.  Pres. Bill gave us an update on the playground and gardens project.  In Skip’s absence Neil introduced our speaker for today, Rachel Farrow, a Prevention Outreach Educator with Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be, or are victims of domestic violence.  College students are the most vulnerable.  Domestic violence, or DV, includes verbal and emotional abuse as well as physical abuse.  The abuser uses power and control to get what they want from the victim who they see as expendable.  Rachel was a victim herself and used the services of Turning Point to turn her life around.  Abuse can start as a “honeymoon” period and cycles into tension building where nothing is ever good enough.  The victim often believes they are the cause of the abuse.  It can cycle through 12 or more times before the victim finally leaves the situation.  Men are being abused more frequently financially and emotionally through manipulation.  Rachel will be speaking to Lehigh U. incoming freshmen and she works with police forces educating them on what to look for and the right questions to ask when confronted with DV.  Turning Point has a safe house that currently includes 10 children and they are always looking for donations of school supplies, new clothing, and personal care items.  Rachel works with school groups starting in the 5thgrade to teach healthy relationships.  There is also a connection between DV and drug abuse.  Another form of abuse they investigate is elder abuse especially among non-English speaking residents of nursing homes.  Rachel passed around several “tent cards” that can be placed in doctors’ offices and other public places so we can help spread the word about Turning Point.  Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley: A Safe Place For Victims of Abuse.

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