Weakly Meeting August 29, 2018

WOW, we sure did have a weak meeting today. I only heard from one regular they would not be there. We are eliminating the early meeting on the last Wednesday beginning with October, but I’m thinking we should eliminate it for September. More to follow on that later in September.  Its rose sale time: get your paid orders by Sept. 26: hey that’s the last Wednesday of the month so we will have to see what is going to take place for the 4th Wednesday in September. BUT nevertheless, sell those roses. We’re still working on the time for the installation of officers on October 24th: it may be at lunch or it may be at dinnertime. More to follow but keep both times open. And speaking of the return to all meetings starting in October at noon on Wednesday: the last Wed. will be the board meeting and/or round table discussion. All members are not only encouraged to attend and learn about the board’s operations but to interface with your club’s back-room operations. And if you attend a board meeting it is counted as a make-up meeting for you. Walt reported that Katie, the EAMS Builders Club Advisor will not be able to continue as advisor as the school has changed her schedule and she is not at the EAMS at all. BUT she has advised Walt she has possibly 3 teachers interested. And DUES ARE DUE.

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