November 29, 2017 Weekly Meeting


Nov 29 Today was our breakfast meeting with 10 in attendance. Walt Howell needs to know if you are coming to the Dec. 20th Firefighter of the Year Award which is 6PM at the Grand Eastonian Hotel and the cost is $13: please let Walt know. Next Wed. Dec. 6 is a busy day: Walt needs help at 7:30 AM at Shawnee K-Kids, mid-day we have the IU20 Kids Party, then at 3:30 there is a Cheston & Paxinosa K-Kids (we need a clone machine). Next Wed, Dec 6 meet 10:45AM at the Colonial Intermediate Unit #20, 6 Danforth Dr, Palmer Industrial Park, Easton. We will collect $10 for lunch. First we pack the bags for the kids, lunch in the back room and then at noon we enjoy watching the entertainment for the kids and later Santa arrives. We always enjoy handing out the kids Christmas-Holiday goodie-bags. This Monday the 4th at the Easton Middle School Auditorium from 7-8:30PM is the 2nd in a series of the Easton Opioid Awareness public meeting. As James Owen explained to us its all about “saving a life.” Those that are addicted are “chasing a high” that will kill them. And better yet remember this: you can’t die of an overdose if you don’t start. Tell anyone you can about this and try to get your neighbors involved in learning what is going on all around them. The next one is scheduled Feb 5th at the Greater Shiloh Church. Lets help do whatever it takes to break this scourge of Opioid drugs killing our youth. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

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