Weekly Meeting-October 10, 2018

Neil’s really learning on his 2nd run as president just how to ring-that-bell. Bill gave an update on the playground: its basically done but official dedication probably will be in the spring. Remember to make a reservation fo the installation dinner at the Pomfret Club on the evening of the 24th: $20/person. And we will have some special guests/speakers so try to make this one. Barb reminds us that the rose assembly line will begin at 7AM on Thur. Oct 25th at Packaging Horizons, 1 Danforth Dr, Palmer Ind. Park. And we’ve got some 207 dozen to package. Janet reminds us the Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebees on rt 248 will be Sat. Nov. 10th with the K-Kids as helpers. Dean reminds us that the Boys & Girls Club will be holding an “open house” Oct 25-27th and we’l try to arrange to have some Kiwanis members there especially on Sat. the 27th and open the playground for a few hours with the kids. We understand that Vic Dennis has been in the hospital. The Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force will meet 6-7PM Monday the 15th at the Boys & Girls Club. Skip introduces us to an old friend. PA State Police Trooper Marc Allen is no stranger to us and today we were his last official outside visit as Community Service Liaison. Marc is retiring later this month after 25 years as a PA Trooper. He provided us with some facts about the PA State Police: it started in 1905 to deal with rioters from the coal mine unions. There are parts of the “badge” on the uniforms that have a reason. The black is for the coal in PA. The red is for fallen troopers. The points in the middle define the old original hats worn by troopers.  And the PA “coat of arms”. Marc went to college at Mansfield and being from south Philly he really liked the change of scenery so when he got his first post as a trooper he was assigned to the Mansfield area barracks. Eventually he was transferred to Troop M in Bethlehem where he has spent most of his career. For quite some time he has been associated with Camp Cadet and that is where we have known him from. He’s now seeing young camp graduates as fellow State Police Troopers and for that he is grateful. There are 22 Camp Cadet programs in the state with about 10 kids in each class. There are over 4500 troopers in PA and they patrol over 85% of the state due to the amount of open land in PA. You need to be between the ages of 21-40 to begin as a trooper and the starting salary is $58,000 and everything is provided except your underwear. But one thing Marc said he sees is a growing problem: a 10inch view with Millennials and their social values.

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