Weekly Meeting October 31, 2018 HALLOWEEN

Our meeting today was our “open board meeting.” President Neil asked for reports and information from the floor. Barb was passing around 2 get-well cards to sign for members at home. Janet explained that now Applebees is requiring all those volunteers helping out at the pancake breakfast on Nov 10, just 9 days away, to sign a waiver and as for now, they only want adults in the kitchen area. Sell those flapjack tickets. Barb reported on the success of the rose sale: 209 dz roses sold and 1 dz provided as a gift to the design engineer on the playground-garden project: net profit of $1452. Bill reminded us of the Region 6 Fall Governors Visit official meeting Nov. 17that Emmaus: 8:30am to early afternoon. Contact Bill for more information or click here. Bill officially presented the $1000 personal check Kiwanis International Trustee Chuck and his wife Emilia gave our club last week at the installation dinner. $500 will go towards the playground-gardens and $500 will be provided for necessary funds for the Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force. WOW! Not only did they come all the way from Florida to surprise Janet on her installation, they came bearing “gifts” too! They are truly great Kiwanis friends. Bill discussed the upcoming IU20 Kids Christmas Party: members got to chose various grocery stores to solicit for funds which we will use to purchase for food items in their goody-bag. Books will be ordered along with teddy bears also. And Bill learned later in the day that the IU20 party location will be changed to accommodate the 168 children along with about 90+ staff volunteers: the IU20 got permission from the Chrin Center to hold it there.  Now Santa will not be crowed. Neil then convened our monthly board meeting. The lead photo I’m sharing from the PA Kiwanis Facebook page. It’s always fun to learn or “borrow” ideas from other Kiwanis Clubs. This may be something of interest for our club. And another way to provide “exposure” to many local residents about Easton Kiwanis while helping children to read. Think about where there is a laundromat that you are aware of. And you may think of other worthy locations for something like this.

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