Weekly Meeting November 7, 2018

Pres. Neil thanked the “lead singer” for today’s God Bless America for starting in a good range. Also, remember this Sunday is Veteran’s Day (but many works places will celebrate it on Monday). Walt gave us an update on our 5 Youth Clubs (S.L.Ps.) at Easton Schools. Barb read a nice thank-you letter from the Easton Home for the 10 doz. roses that were delivered to them. Janet is reminding us about this Saturday’s Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee’s. If you are helping, be there by 7:30. Food begins 8-10AM. Our youth members this year will not be allowed into the kitchen area but they are still eager to help serve. And SELL or BUY those tickets. After all, it is a FUN fundraiser. Friday Easton school teachers are having an in-service day and one of the speakers they will experience is connected with our own Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force. Make note of Dec. 1stat Liberty High School, 7-9PM, Community forum on Ending the Opioid Epidemic: speaker will be Ryan Hampton author of AMERICAN FIX. Bill explained about the upcoming IU20 Kids Christmas party: great news, 158 children expected and as a result of the larger group the party will be moved to the Chrin Center. We’re asking for donations to support the cost and we’re suggesting members contribute a sponsorship per child @ $10 ea plus if you are coming for lunch add another $10. Members will receive emails with the details. Bill got to then give a quick installation to Leigh Miller from the Easton-Phillipsburg YMCA. She will be the “company member” for the Y. And then Janette got to introduce Leigh as our speaker for today. Leigh is the Pre-K Counts Director of the Easton/Phillipsburg YMCA, Forks Education Center. They are fully state funded and to qualify the family must fall under the 300% poverty level. Once a child has been qualified into a Pre-K program they will continue to be qualified even if the parent’s income increases beyond the starting threshold. The main focus of Pre-K is to prepare children to enter kindergarten with a focus and school readiness on beginning education. 3-year old’s receive a half day program while 4-year old’s are enrolled for a full day. They will receive either a breakfast or a lunch depending on the schedule. They find the parents want to be involved in supporting their children’s education, if able. Currently there are 88 children enrolled in the Forks location for Pre-K Counts. The Y has locations also at the Bethlehem and Allentown YMCA facilities. As a result with all 3 locations 186 children receive High Quality Preschool. The state funds $4500 for half day programs and $8500 for full-day programs. Forks has the latest and greatest: no chalk boards; no whiteboards; but they have “smart boards” which are large sized TV screens they can operate like a chalkboard. They will have over 150 children involved with the Thanksgiving “feast” this year. There are 8 certified teachers at the facility. We had help start the original location for the Y on Southside but that facility closed. Recently we have provided a new kids rug for the Pre-K and earlier this year we provided funds to help purchase materials for the STEM program at the Forks facility in the Childcare programs. Visitors are always welcome at the facility, 1350 Sullivan Trail, Easton.

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