Weekly Meeting November 14, 2018

Since Neil is in Hawaii (and he didn’t take any of us with him!) and Skip was on babysitting duty, Immediate Past President Bill presided at today’s meeting.  He reminded us that there will be NO MEETING next week and everyone should have a bountiful Thanksgiving.  Also there will not be a meeting on Dec. 26.  Plans are moving along for the IU 20 Christmas party this year to be held at the Chrin Center to accommodate the large number of children scheduled to attend. We are at 158 children and about 90 adults accompanying them!  Bill needs the grocery cards by the November 28 meeting so he and Barb can go shopping for all the goodies.  Dean is recuperating nicely and hopes to be back soon.  Walt reported that the Paxinosa K-Kids elected their officers yesterday, and there is a Builders Club meeting tomorrow (Thursday).  Bill reported that we had a profit of $549 for the flapjack fundraiser.  We had 23 youth who helped serve and were then fed along with 117 adults.  Nick presented a check for $100 to the foundation for the playground and gardens project in honor of the Kennedys and Conservation Warehouse.  We then welcomed Peggy Castronova and Heidi Groner from The Easton Home.  The home dates back to 1890 when it was originally for single or widowed women.  It started on 2nd St. in a house that was rented for $300 a year. Residents paid $3 a week.  They moved to1022 Northampton St. in 1893.  In 1989 the name was changed to The Easton Home and in 1996 it was opened to men as well as women when the first man moved in with his wife.  In 1994 Presbyterian Senior Living Community purchased the institution.  There are 53 residents who all have private rooms unless they are there with a spouse. There are two levels of care with the 1stfloor being a memory support neighborhood known as Chapelwood.  The area is decorated as a home in the 1940’s would have been to make the residents more comfortable.  Many forms of therapy are used such as music and aroma along with a virtual window to display comforting scenes in the bathing area to make the residents more relaxed while bathing.  The Home was featured in an Oprah magazine as one of five things that make Oprah smile! Peggy made us aware of a Victorian Christmas Tea they are having on Dec. 6 and hopes that some of us might attend. Both Peggy and Heidi have issued an invitation for us to visit their facility for one of our lunch meetings so we can see firsthand the “Home” that they are so proud of.

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