Weekly Meeting January 16th, 2019

Thanks to all the members and guests today. Another great turnout. Walt “reported” that he completed his AAA “Driver Training Course” and he’s still allowed to drive his car, and he gets an insurance discount too. Janet reported that the Opioid Meeting scheduled Monday the 21stat the Boys & Girls Club is postponed. Pres. Neil turned the next part of the meeting over to Pres-elect Skip Fairchild. Skip then got to induct our next Easton Kiwanis Club member. Well, more like members. THE EASTON HOME is our newest member and they will be represented by Skips’ neighbor, Peggy Castronova, Sales Director and/or Heidi Groner, Marketing Associate. And we will be having a “road trip” on February 20thto THE EASTON HOME for lunch and a tour. And who knows, we may be able to entice some of the residents of the HOME to become Kiwanians or even better, start a Kiwanis Satellite Club at the HOME.
Next on the agenda Janet presented todays speaker, Nancy Frederick the director of the LEARNING CENTER at the 3rdST ALLIANCE. Nancy has certification for teaching most all grades but prefers Early Childhood Education. 3rdST ALLIANCE has a Pre-K Counts which helps young children to be properly prepared for when they enter Kindergarten. Their facility can start children as young as 6 weeks and work with them all the way to 13 years, as long as they have all the proper inoculations required by state law. They operate from 6AM – 6PM and the school is PA STAR 4 Certified. They have even developed summer programs to help elevate the “summer slide” experienced by many children when on vacation. There are currently 97 children in 7 classrooms at the 3rdST ALLIANCE facility. The children do “research” on various field-trips that may be offered and they are then more prepared on the experience. All classes have been utilizing the Easton Kiwanis STEAM Lab to improve their hand-eye coordination, especially when working with the computer mouse. 72% of the children are attending free or with a reduced fee as a result of the grants applied for by our member Sara Panovec and by grants and gifts from individuals and corporations. All the teachers have been continuing their education and they qualify themselves for scholarships for education. A new project they are developing is an “escape room” for children. Utilizing literacy, match, science concepts and puzzles to problem solve for the clues to to find the “exit.” All done with adult supervision, of course.

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