WEEKLY MEETING January 23, 2019

Another great turnout for another great meeting. Neil presented the letter our club received from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund acknowledging we are a “MODEL CLUB.” A few years ago we pledge to provide $750/member towards the EliMiNaTe program and we have completed that pledge. And we all received a nice lapel pin. Our next Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser will be May 4th. Walt reported that the Easton Police Officer award will be on May 15th. And Watson happily reported that their latest great-grandchild, while born 2 months premature, is doing wonderful. Neil introduced Suzanne Beck, executive director of the CRIME VICTIMS COUNCIL OF THE LEHIGH VALLEY. It started some 45 years ago in the Valley and was originally named Rape Crisis Council of the LV. Suzanne herself has been employed there for 29 years. They maintain offices throughout the Valley including in both Lehigh & Northampton County Courthouses. They operate 24hrs/day/365 days of the year. In each of the hospitals there are specially trained nurses to collect evidence in possible rape situations. These trained nurses collect not only the evidence but they are certified to testify in court. The Crime Council staff are the ones capable to provide the moral support thru any and all crisis. Did you know that 94% of rape situations know their attacker? Of the victims, 33% are under 18 and 2% are over 60. Too much of the sexual assaults go unreported. The services of the CVCLV can be utilized many years after any crime was committed. And a person can report and utilize their services even if they do not want to prosecute anyone. They only have to report it to CVCLV. They will council, provide therapy, accompany you to any court trial, help any clean-up of your property and help with victim’s compensation. They have a staff of 23 and received their funding from state and federal sources along with grants and donations.

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