WEEKLY MEETING March 20, 2019

Well, the ‘ol expression, things will happen SOMEDAY. Well they happened TODAY. 13 of us ventured down to Riegelsville, PA to the SOMEDAY CAFÉ. Our member John Kennedy’s daughter and son-in-law own and operate the SOMEDAY CAFÉ along with the CONSERVATION WAREHOUSEwhich is where John spends plenty of time in the Shipping Department. After a wonderful lunch provided by Christine Kennedy from their café – coffee shop (closed Mondays) John took us on a tour of the Conservation Warehouse facility, right next door. Now John says he doesn’t eat at the café too often, but I don’t know how he could refuse the wonderful food there. He showed us row after row of various different water flow aerators and shower heads. All in the name of water flow efficiency, energy savings and conservation of our natural resources. They even sell different shower heads and aerators that have theft-proof designs, just in case someone has been ripping off your shower head. They even sell the good ‘ol fashioned sand-timer just like your grandparents used when hard-boiling eggs. Flip it when in the shower for a 5-minute timer. It works and it saves energy and money.  

John Kennedy’s son-in-law, Jeff Porter, saw the opportunity to buy the building in Riegelsville as it had survived at least 3 floods but needed a complete rehab. Over 3 years they rehab it and as it is Jeff likes a good cup of coffee, so while fixing up they place he felt the area could use a nice friendly café. As it was going on and on for those 3 years people asked what the name would be and he replied more than once, “Someday we’ll decide.” Then one day they did and called it the SOMEDAY CAFÉ. The Porter and Kennedy family are great believers in natural resources and finding ways to economize and save resources. Jeff is seriously planning on adding a solar roof system on the Riegelsville location along with another building near there. I think if he could harness the water flow in the Delaware behind their location, he would. John explained about how they are directly involved in e-commerce and customers expect their orders with prompt delivery. Hey, the sooner they get the product, the sooner they install it and begin to save money and energy and natural resources. What’s not to like, especially with a great meal from the SOMEDAY CAFÉ.  

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