WEEKLY MEETING April 17, 2019

Neil started the meeting while we continued lunch. We had a lot to cover and our one guest had to get back to Lafayette. Today we welcomed Shelly Smith from the Lafayette College Financial Aid Office and our accompanying her was scholarship recipient, Rachael Cox.

Rachael provided some insight into herself: a grad of Easton High School she is double majoring with Government and Law and Women Gender Studies. And she gave us a rundown on what all she does as a volunteer in the community and then add in a job at the Oaks Restaurant downtown on weekends. I got tired just thinking about what a week in her life must be. Presently she has plans after graduation to enter law school. When asked “Why Lafayette?” her reply was because it was a local college and it “felt like home.” Joanne reminded us about the June 12th SUPER RAFFLE34 tickets still remain. Walt brought us up to speed on our Sponsored Youth Programs; CIT scholarship recipients are announced for the May 8th luncheon at CIT; Police officer of the year on May 15th. Janet reminded us of the Pancake Fundraiser on May 4that Applebee’s; sell your tickets and help on that day. Also the Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force meeting will be on Monday April 22nd 6PM at the Boys & Girls Club. It will be attended by US Representative Susan Wild: all members are welcome to attend. And we welcomed Brooke Mitman as a guest of Dean Young. Next Janet introduced our speakers from Walgreens. Area manager Mike Loquasto and pharmacist Katie Medie. Did you know that Walgreens has a specialty pharmacy in Allentown next to the Americus Hotel? No greeting cards or candy displays, just medicines. Most of the meds from the specialty pharmacy are shipped, but you can visit there. A specialty pharmacy is more of a “hands on” facility in that you can go there to learn how to do injections or how to regulate medial dispensing equipment. Many of those customers are special medications such as oncology meds. Then they both explained about the opioid epidemic and how the various forms of Narcan are made available for suspected opioid drug overdoses. Narcan is a completely safe drug in that if a person is in distress and its not from an opioid overdose administering Narcan has no detrimental effect on that person: it only works to overcome the nerve responders when using opioids. Nowadays most insurance companies will cover the cost to provide a Narcan for you to have on hand. Many people are now carrying Narcan so they may be able to help someone in opioid distress at a moment’s notice. If you have multiple prescriptions that renew on various dates, Walgreens is working on a program that your meds will renew at the same time. They are a strong supporting partner with the EOATF.   

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