WEEKLY MEETING April 24, 2019

We started off with our Board Meeting and approved $150 for Palmer Kiwanis’ Golf Event and $250 for ProJeCt’s participation in the Highmark Walk. Bill showed photos of the upcoming EOATF tablecloth to be printed for use at upcoming public events for the event table. We kept is short and then it was over. Joanne is down to 23 tickets remaining for our Super Raffle on June 12th. Walt gave us an update on the SLP clubs as they wind down their school year. Barb reminded us about the upcoming May 4thFlapjack Fundraiser at Applebees. We had good reports from the TV coverage of the EOATF monthly meeting at the Boys & Girls Club on Monday night. Channel 69 was there I’m sure because Congresswoman Susan Wild was in attendance along with Mayor Panto. Next the Vice-chair from EOATF Nick Ciambrone introduced our speaker, Phillip Chaney, Program Director at Change On 3rdStreet. 

No as Phillip said, its not a place to come to get quarters for the parking meters, but it is a place to come to help change-your-life if you have substance abuse issues. Phillip is a local Valley person who graduated from William Allen High School and went on to Northampton Community College. He’s passionate to help those looking to improve themselves from substance abuse disorder. There are 4 recovery locations in the county helping: Change on 3rdSt, Easton; Bethlehem Recovery Center, Bethlehem; Change on Main, Northampton; Clean Slate, Bangor. Phillip is also an Outreach Coordinator with the Lehigh Valley Drug & Alcohol Intake Unit. Once a person decides they WANT help for their problem they will have a professional complete a drug and alcohol intake assessment and assist with finding a treatment facility. At the recovery centers people learn from others with similar issues and needs. Its about a fellowship that develops from meeting with others much like AA and NA programs. There is no one-size-fits-all program for individuals but these all have a spiritually based plan but not a religious plan. People must learn and admit there is “one” more powerful than the individual themselves. Many of those attending the events and meetings at the 4 centers arrive via word-of-mouth from others they encounter on the street. Phil and others make a routine of visiting various public places where those in need associate with others. Its their form of outreach helping others in need. Phil also discussed an idea he has to assist with the Dravet Syndrome. He’d like to raise some funds to assist the Dravet organization. Phillip was proud to let us know some 23 years ago he was on a journey to hell but was helped and found his way. After some “clean time” it was about learning “how” to live. Now he wants to help others change their “journey to hell.”  

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