WEEKLY MEETING June 12, 2019

Our annual Super Raffle Fundraiser was held today. A great turnout of members and ticket buyers enjoyed a great lunch at the Pomfret Club. And we were sold out on our tickets before today even began. Selling out in advance makes the day even more enjoyable. A ”BIG” Thank You to Joanne Cappellano for again chairing the event. And a big thank you also to Charlie Adams, Skip Fairchild, Gary Tempest and Chuck Snyder for assisting with the event. And a big thank you to everyone who was responsible for selling or buying at least one ticket. And every one of the last 5 names was happy because they were all in agreement to split the $10,000 GRAND PRIZE equally. That means each one got a piece of the pie, $2000, instead of only 1 person getting the whole pie. There were 7 winners @ $150 each, 2 winners @ $500 and 5 winners @ $2000. But the big winners are the various organizations and kids that Easton Kiwanis supports throughout the year. Thank you all.

Accounting Check and Double Check

Next Wednesday June 19thwe will be inducting our 2 newest members: Carole & Tony Cappellano. And Palmer Kiwanis’ president, Attorney Victor Scomillio will be presenting his program, An Anatomy of a Murder. See you noon at the Pomfret Club. Speaking of the Pomfret Club, some of the staff were holding one of the $2000 winning numbers. Other “big” winners today were: Peter Cooper, former Kiwanian Phil Hof of Hof & Reid LLC, Kurt Poling and Kiwanis International Trustee from Florida Chuck Gugliuzza. I have a feeling that most will buy a ticket or 2 next year.

This is how it’s done.
The TEAM at work.

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