WEEKLY MEETING July 10, 2019

A great meeting attended by too few people. We had to dip into our Administration funds to pay for uneaten meals. If Barb & I had not come back from vacation to attend, the funds would have been dug into deeper.

Bill gave a short update on the recent Kiwanis International Convention. The best part was that past PA Kiwanis Governor Cathy Szymanski WAS elected to be an International Trustee for the next 3 years. If you remember Cathy and her husband drove here from Erie last October to be part of our officer installation along with International Trustee Chuck Gugliuzza. We received a “thank you” letter from the Easton High School After Prom committee for our support of their event. And today our speakers were Angel Ackerman and Tom Harper from ProJeCt of Easton. They too thanked us for the support of the recent Highmark Walk for Charities. They also presented us a “walkers tee shirt” and the only logo on the back was for Easton Kiwanis.

Notice the “only” sponsor logo is Easton Kiwanis.

I’m waiting to present the shirt to Skip at a meeting as he recently retired from the board of ProJeCt. Angel and Tom then gave us some updates on ProJeCt. The recent walk raised just shy of $10,000 for them. And they reminded us that Palmer Kiwanis actually has a team walking at the event and raised $2500 for them and retained the “golden sneaker award”. ProJeCt is all about helping people help themselves and they have been doing this for over 50 years. They help over 5000 people succeed in work, school and life. Begun as an interfaith organization the name says it all: P=Protestant, J=Jewish, C=Catholic: all park of their name ProJeCt. Now you know whey the letters within the name are capitalized. They have the largest food pantry in the Easton area, serving over 10,000 people and families annually. They recently developed a partnership with Wegmans and other food suppliers whereby close-to-expiration foods are provided to ProJeCt to use in the foodbank thereby saving items from being disposed of in a landfill. It takes over 50 volunteers to operate the foodbank. They even have programs to teach people how to prepare good quality meals using the foods available at the foodbank. Currently their Summer Camp SIZZLE!® is a seven-week summer reading skills program for low-income, at-risk children in grades K-5 from the Easton Area School District held at the Paxinosa Elementary School. And if you want to see some “ah-ha” moments you can look to their Fowler Literacy Center where they provide GEDs, Adult Basic Education and English as a second language along with assistance to prepare for US Citizenship. This past June the graduating class had 39 adults receiving their “red caps and gowns” along with 4 receiving their US Citizenship. All this and more with a $1.6million budget. Learn more on their webpage at https://www.projecteaston.orgof Facebook at @projecteaston.

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