WEEKLY NEWS July 17, 2019

Joanne reported that our total net for the Super Raffle is $8100 and there is still one remaining ticket unpaid. Skip was presented with his honorary ProJeCt-Highmark Walk tee shirt. Since he is retiring from the ProJeCt B.O.D. we felt it important he have this very special tee shirt with the only logo on the back being the Easton Kiwanis.

Each week Skip will be asking for your input on program speakers for next Kiwanis year. Have an interest. Have a hobby. Have a great trip. Be a speaker. Sign up.James provided an update on the recent Easton Opioid Task Force and potential events that they will be represented at. Barb gave us some preliminary data on this year’s Rose Sale. Our cost will go up $1/dozen and it was suggested we raise the price from $18 to $20 which would provide us with an additional dollar profit. She will soon have order blanks and the cut off will be the end of September with delivery October 24th. Janet sent around a sign-up sheet for next week’s ROAD TRIP to the Monocacy Farm Visit, which we supported last year with a grant. It’s adjacent to the School Sisters St. Francis at 395 Bridle Path Road, Bethlehem. Plan to arrive by 11AM to tour the farm, buy some fresh veggies and then a $10 lunch, all CASH.Plan to attend Aug. 31 as Pres. Neil Gallagher is bringing our speaker in, at great expense, all the way from Pittsburgh. His grand-daughter Colleen, is the Junior Ambassador for the Tour-de-Cure, and will speak about the September Pittsburgh event.

Today Janet introduced Julie Bator, Assistant Administrator for Northampton County Children, Youth & Families. Julie has been with the county for 18 years and is now Administrator Kevin Dolan’s assistant. She began working with foster children and is fully aware of all of the various branches the agency reaches out and supports. Since the “Jerry Sandusky” event there have been 22 new laws passed in PA affecting children as a result of that issue. We learned what a “Mandated Reporter” is and how they are required to report situations involving children if they see or suspect abuse in their normal course of business or employment, including volunteers. Did you know that even “hearsay” is reportable? There are many ways a child is considered “abused.” Not just physical harm but verbal, neglect, mental, lack of supervision and others. Anyone can report anonymously to the CHILDLINE at 800-932—0313, 24 hrs/day. There is now access for the staff to a state database which improves their ability when suspected abusers “jump” county boundary lines. Northampton County has 139 people in that department. And the use of “religious freedom” does not exist except when it is connected with medical issues and then only once a priest, rabbi, minister, etc. corroborates the family is “of that faith.”           

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