WEEKLY NEWS August 7, 2019

Well it appears we may be meeting in the Pomfret Club library for some time as they are still removing the ceilings in the dining rooms. It’s nice and a bit cozy but that makes our singing all the better. Pres. Neil asked for volunteers to help with the Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force display at Palmer Days next week, especially Saturday Aug. 17th. Contact Janet of Neil if you can help. Walt reported that we had 3+ Easton Kiwanis members at the Easton Night Out last night. Walt, Neil, Nick and Bill Tonkin from Palmer Kiwanis provided the Kiwanis presence at the EOATF display, and they handed out plenty of Mike & Ikes. Nick reported on positive progress with the meeting between Walt, Nick and the principal at Easton’s Paxinosa school working towards another EOATF School and Public Safety Event, hopefully on Sat. Oct. 19th. Neil is reminding us again we can donate to COLLEEN’S COOL CREW for the “Walk for de-cure” in Pittsburgh next month. PLEASE SUPPORT Colleen, and Neil and Sue Gallagher as they walk to help the diabetes cure and summer camp. Or contact Neil and give him a check directly. Janet will be presenting our $1000 grant to Kolbe Academy next week at Palmer Days at the EOATF display tent.

Today Janet introduced Elyse Ross from LAST LEAF GENEALOGY. Elyse is from the Hope, NJ area and developed a great interest in learning about her family genealogy and has turned her interest into an online service. She will help you “Grow your family tree to the very last leaf.” As you learn by yourself, or with help of others you will learn about your family heritage and will begin to know more about where you came from. You will develop stories and experiences of your ancestors coming to life again and you’ll find you’re a part of, hopefully, a vibrant history. As Elyse explained how individuals can search their past you could easily feel her passion and her wish to share her learnings to others. She has been working as a genealogist for over twenty years, and has seen the “tools” change from printed paper forms to complex DNA matching. Discover your family! Are you possibly able to join the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or possibly even First Families of Pennsylvania? Elyse explained the various steps of the best way to go about determining and discovering your family. But today most of us would want to do it with one or more of the various online services like Ancestry.Com or even connect with the Church of the Latter Day Saints, The Mormons. Some are paid services and some are free. The Mormon’s database contains billions, yes, billions of various data connections for families and names. And don’t forget the obvious like local libraries, courthouses, churches and cemeteries. But best to start at the beginning with yourself. Add in your immediate family and work backwards from there. But a bit of advice from Elyse: work on one person at a time and don’t get sidetracked working backwards. If you begin to be curious and find yourself deviating, just make some notes and come back to that “tree branch and leaf” at a later time. Avoid regrets and do it now while family members are still alive to ask and talk to. Enjoy the experience and make permanent records to pass down to your family. Learn to love your family as Elyse has. If you would want to contact Elyse for more information or costs to have her do some or all of the work, check out her webpage, Last Leaf Genealogy.       

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