WEEKLY NEWS November 6, 2019

We opened the meeting with sad news: Joanne Cappellano’s husband Jim passed away. He had been attempting to recover from serious surgery. More info when details are known. Walt reports that we now have 2 of our SLP’s scheduling meetings and both are posted on our web page under YOUTH CLUBS. Don’t forget to check our web page also for upcoming meetings under CALENDAR. Janet reminded us about the upcoming November 16th pancake fundraiser at Applebee’s on Rt 248. Bill reminded us of the December 6th Palmer Kiwanis Christmas Party at Green Pond CC: we’re invited, cost is $40/person, contact Bill or Barb. Also reminded that in lieu of our noon meeting on November 27, we are meeting with Palmer Kiwanis at Williams Restaurant at 7:15AM. Janet introduced Darnell Davis and his better-half Amber.

Darnell is a partner with the Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force and co-founder with Amber of the organization ASPIRE TO AUTONOMY. Most people really don’t understand or fathom what has been happening with “human trafficking” and all that it encompasses. It’s not just about women as prostitutes but it also covers many ages and sexes being coerced into doing things they normally would not do. The UN defines Human Trafficking as: the acquisition of a person by means of deception or coercion for the purpose of exploitation. Over 40 million individuals have been “trafficked” in recent years. And ASPIRE is out looking for these individuals and will provide them with a 72-hour “safe home” and during the time they are safely there they will be assessed and the proper treatment or shelter facility will be located to further help them. The Lehigh Valley is in a very centrally located part of our county as it allows for easy transportation of human trafficking due to our highways and within 24 hours you can be within 90% of our nation. And those that are being “trafficked” are not just young girls. The age range is from children to senior citizens who are all be coerced or manipulated into doing things they normally would not want to do. And the range of businesses that are prime examples utilizing victims of trafficking range from lawn care, food service to housekeepers to adult day care workers. There are 25 primary industries that contain the highest number of victims. Many times we feel the individuals are criminals when in reality they are actually victims. Darnell was proud to share a recent public news event he was involved with when November 2-9th was declared Anti-human Trafficking Awareness Week. “Silence is not an option.”              

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