WEEKLY NEWS January 9, 2020

Yes, as per Pres. Skip you may have much better vision this year: it’s 2020! Barb will occasionally do some Kiwanis Trivia/History on our club and here’s the first one: Did you know that Allentown Kiwanis and Easton Kiwanis Clubs held one of the first even INTERCLUBS about 100 years ago when Allentown visited Easton Kiwanis for a joint meeting. Hey, we’re trend-setters. James invited members to join the Easton Opioid Task Force for the next meeting at the Boys & Girls Club on Jan. 20th. Walt gave us an update on our Sponsored Youth Clubs at the Easton schools. Rog Conners gave us an update on Bill Fifield from Bill’s wife. It would appear that Bill will be staying at MORAVIAN VILLAGE, 526 Wood St, Bethlehem, PA 18018: why not stop and see Bill or at least send him a card. Skip gave us a great update on his daughter-in-law’s bout with leukemia: great news in that she moved home in time for Christmas and travels to New York City monthly for checkups and treatments.

Ken introduced his neighbor, Tammy Huk. Tammy has been a realtor for 14 years. Tammy had a backgrounding in accounting and numbers and had some interesting ones to share with us. Currently there are less than 1500 homes for sale in the Lehigh Valley area. Now I did some digging on the internet, and it took some time, but per statistics the number of “household units” in Northampton and Lehigh Counties in July 2018 were 270,143. And I’m sure there are more homes now but using those numbers, that means there is about a half of a percent of the total homesavailable for sale.” The median value of homes are up 3.4% over 11 months. Currently per the LV realtor association houses are only on the market for 34 days and she mentioned that once a house is listed, sellers should be packing their belongings already. School districts are “driving forces” also for where house sell quicker. The “hot range” for house prices currently is $150-250,000 with a Medium Sales Price of $205,000, up 5.1% since the prior year. Tammy explained about “buying houses up for foreclosure”. There are only 8 listed in the Lehigh Valley. Then Tammy explained about some of the 55+ developments in the area with a focus on Forks Township. Forks has 5 of them alone. But before you buy, make sure you read and understand the rules and covenants that come with living with “restrictions” you may not want after you have settled in. But one thing we all heard is that it is definitely a SELLERS MARKET. Are you ready to sell?

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