MEETING NEWS April 22, 2020

Well Zoom meeting #2 under-our-belt. And since many of us are home, who knows what is on under-the-belt or even under the upper body image we can see on the Zoom system. Remember you could be sitting there with flip-flops or fuzzy slippers ‘cause we can’t see them. We ended up with 18 club members, 2 utilizing a phone connection only.

And past member Jerry Thomas joined us again along with PA Dist. Executive Kevin Thomas. And no one had any comments or complaints about their lunch meal either. And Skip got us started off this week with an announcement about the pledge and singing: one person will recite it and one will sing. It’s much nicer with the Zoom system that only one tries talking at a time. And it worked well this way.

Walt explained that C.I.T. still has not been able to determine if any students sent in scholarship applications so as of now it is unclear if there will be any scholarships this year. Bill and Joanne reported that we probably will not hold our annual super raffle this year. Missing that in June and the spring flapjack fundraiser we missed will set us back about $8500-9000 in funds normally raised. We still want to continue honoring an Easton Police Officer and Fireperson at some future date yet this year. Janet raised a good point as to determining if we could provide some form of recognition for an EMT. Ken further pointed out that how would we determine any one person since there are so many “squads” representing our area. But maybe we could provide some recognition event whereby the squads were honored by name, rather than multiple individuals. Walt then reminded us that we had discussed earlier this administrative year to develop an Awards Committee. Walt, Janet, Skip and Neil all agreed to be part of an Awards Committee. Janet explained that she is planning on having committees for her administrative year. Sarah gave us a bit of an update on Third St. Alliance and at this time basically funds, cleaning supplies and food supplies are what they can use. Ken is hoping to have a Foundation meeting soon and there are ample cash funds in the account so no investments would have to be liquidated. Kevin appreciated being in our Zoom meeting and informed us that just this morning the Kiwanis International announced that the June International convention that was scheduled for Indianapolis was cancelled. But he is cautiously optimistic that the Pa District Convention in Reading Aug 12-15, 2020 will still be held. Bill announced the results of our online Survey Monkey election poll. 42 members were invited to respond and as of this morning 21 had. The results were overwhelming; no one voted NO on anyone.  President: Janet Owen; Treasurer: Gary Tempest; Secretary: Bill Walters; 2022 Board of Directors: Sarah Panovec & Walter Howell; Foundation Board of Directors; Ken Wildrick & Barb Walters.  Dean thanked Barb for all the masks she provided over 101 masks to local families around the Club. BTW we are now an “official” paying Zoom user. And the last ones on the Zoom were……

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