October 25, 2017 Weekly Meeting


Oct 25 our breakfast meeting was well attended with 10 Kiwanis members. Bill gave an update on Al Rutherford’s recent heart attack. He will be recovering at his daughter’s house for about 4 weeks. But the main topic of discussion was the Opioid Abuse Awareness public meeting held the night before at the Paxinosa Elementary School and sponsored by Easton & Palmer Kiwanis and the Boys & Girls Club. We all agreed thanks go to our members James Owen and Dean Young and Bill Tonkin from Palmer for spearheading this “public awareness” program. While the attendance from the public was sparse and there was no representation from the news media much was learned and it was agreed there is a definite need to bring this to the public’s attention as an ongoing event. The program consisted of panelists from 4 “support” organizations and the Easton Police Department along with a young man who spoke of his 5+ years as a recovering drug user. Audience members followed with questions and comments of their own. There were powerful statements from both panelists and the public that many more people need to hear. We must find a way to continue to share these statements. The Opioid Awareness Committee will hold its next meeting Monday Nov 6, 4PM at the Boys & Girls Club. This Saturday is KIWANIS ONE DAY and we are sponsoring about 20 kids from the Easton Boys & Girls Club to have some fun bowling at BarDon Bowling Lanes, 3700 Nicholas St, Palmer Township. I’m sure if you can attend around lunchtime Dean and the kids would enjoy some “assistance.” And you might even have some fun with them.

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