October 11, 2017 Weekly Meeting

Oct 11 Pres Bill’s 1st full meeting was opened with a resounding ring of the bell followed by the Pledge of Allegience, God Bless America and our table grace. He then opened the meeting with committee reports. Jerry Thomas reported on the Opioid Abuse Committee meeting: there will be a public informational meeting at the Paxinosa School on October 24 evening. Dean elaborated on the programs to be presented that evening to which Kiwanians are welcomed to attend. This will include pizza for all those attending. This will be followed up with a meeting at Easton Police Headquarters at a later date for a tour and an awareness presentation. Neil thanked the club members for $200 support of his grand daughter who raised $3300 for her walk for diabetes – enough to enable her to go to the camp this year. Bill then reported on the board meeting that was held prior to our regular meeting. Approval was given for 13 weeks of Saturday bowling for the Boys & Girls club; a placemat ad for the Stroudsburg club’s pancake breakfast in November 4th; $250 to support the PAL run. They also voted to make the Opioid Awareness an official project of the club. Bill then circulated a letter to be included in the boxes with the roses; an interesting list of past presidents of the club along with their vocations and information about the Reading-Berks Club who will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on October 30.

John Mehler, the director of the Northampton County Agency on Aging.

He then turned the meeting over to Skip who introduced our speaker for this meeting, John Mehler, the director of the Northampton County Agency on Aging. In 1965 when the Older Americans Act was passed being over 65 was synonymous with being poor. In 1972 each state was required to set up programs for older Americans. PA is divided into 52 planning and services agencies on aging. There are 650 areas in the US network. The largest funding for the agency is from the PA Lottery. There is no income generated from taxes. Its mission is to maintain the dignity of people age 60 and over. They provide many services for senior citizens of Northampton County such as advocacy, assistance with health insurance benefit concerns, legal services, level of care assessments, information and referral, specialized transportation, and many areas of care management. Their long-term care assessments can start for people as young as age 18. One area of concern is what is in your medicine cabinet? Who might have access to those meds? Un-needed meds can be taken to police depts, or the court house for proper disposal in “blue” steel drug take-back containers. Do not flush them down the toilet! Their social services Options Program helps people to be able to stay in their own homes by providing some nursing home services at home. The agency is located on Emrick Blvd and there are 10 Senior Centers in Northampton County.



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