January 17, 2018 Weekly Meeting Was Cancelled

Wow. We had to cancel our noontime meeting because of snow. Well not only because of snow but because snow would have kept some of our members from attending and since we have to pay for a minimum of 15 meals, whether we have 15 attending or not. and some are on vacation, it was in the best financial interest of our club to cancel. Everyone got an early morning email and then a Robo phone call via DialMyCalls¬†and you had to hear my “voice” 2 days in a row. Yesterday telling you about today’s meeting and then the cancellation message today.

Global Warming Meeting Cancelled

Next week’s meeting will be a presentation from Phillip Channey from Change on Third Street. It ties into our ongoing efforts to educate and create awareness about the Opioid Epidemic in our area. Speaking of the Opioid Awareness committee, there will be a planning meeting at 4PM January 24th at the Greater Shiloh Church on Southside Easton. And following next week’s regular meeting there will be a meeting of the Easton Kiwanis Foundation: ALL members are invited to attend. So the featured picture for this news brief is for one of our members who happens to be in Las Vegas and I thought he’d like to know what he missed here, could be in Vegas.

Maybe we can pry some information from our Vegas traveler in a couple of weeks as to the truth of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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