The officers for the Kiwanis Club of Easton were installed October 4, 2017 by Lt. Governor Tim O’Donnell. Thus begins the 100th year of service to the community and children of the Easton area.

Officers for 100th Club Anniversary
These are the officers leading Easton Kiwanis into the next Century

From left-right: Immediate past-president John Kennedy, Vice-president Skip Fairchild, President-elect Neil Gallagher, President Bill Walters, Secretary Barb Walters, Treasurer Gary Tempest.


President                   Neil Gallagher

President-elect      Skip Fairchild

Vice President        Janet Morgan

Treasurer                   Gary Tempest

Club Secretary        Bill Walters

Immediate Past President         Bill Walters


Walter Howell               2020

Chris Paltz                        2019

Sara Panovec                  2020

Ruthann Arras               2019

Joanne Cappellano     2019


The Kiwanis Club of Easton was founded July 18, 1918 at Seip’s Cafe, 3 years after Kiwanis itself was founded and 2018 marks the 100th anniversary. According to history records of The Capital District of Kiwanis, the Easton Club was the 99th club chartered. Easton Kiwanis became more than a weekly gathering of congenial spirits. Kiwanians gave leadership to ongoing community activities, including campaigns that produced the new YMCA in 1921; Easton’s large, new hospital in 1930; and the first Community Chest in 1922 (now the United Way). Lafayette College educational opportunities for worthy Easton young men would become a major activity of the Club through the Kiwanis Club Scholarship Program, funded by an initial gift of $1000 from Robert S. Gerstell. The Kiwanis Scholarship Program changed in the early 1960’s due to the economy. Robert S. Gerstell again stepped to the forefront and on April 12th, 1963 the Kiwanis Foundation of Easton was incorporated. The Foundation would become the charitable arm of the Kiwanis Club of Easton.