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Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who by myself spread out the earth. Isaiah 44:24

The God who made the world and everything in it, he who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by human hands, nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mortals life and breath and all things. Acts 17:24–25

Creator God, you are the giver of life and all things good. You created out of love, so may we in your likeness care for all that you have made. Amen.

Recent Programs and Meeting Held

Aug 9 Pres. John came in with a set of legs “to die for.” It's a new fashion statement. And we had a good crowd again today. Must’ve been looking for this new fashion trend. Walt reports positive results from March School for next year but there is presently no advisor available for the Builders Club, but he’s trying. Barb is handling this year’s Rose Sale. The orders must be paid for and in her hands by Wed. September 20th and delivery and pick up will be Thursday October 19th. We need to sell, sell, sell and hopefully more than 150 dozen. We’ve been fortunate for the past few years to receive a PA Kiwanis Foundation Matching Scholarship Grant of $500 for one of our 2-$1000 scholarships. Bill brought us up to current information on our 100th Anniversary Project, The Easton Playground & Gardens Project. He and Dean will meet with the Easton Housing Board next Tuesday. Our speaker today was no stranger to us: Terry Kennedy of Personalized Books Given To Children, Inc. If we accept this project, and who wouldn’t, this will be the 12th year we are providing personalized books to first graders in the Easton School District. And according to Terry’s count we have given out some 7,680 books in the past 11 years. Terry gave us some heartwarming background on some of the past many years’ experiences with children and teachers. When he was talking last year at the Allentown School District Board meeting and he mentioned “getting down on the floor and reading to 1st graders,” that really got the attention of the board members. And this past year Easton School District, on the recommendation of teachers and staff, awarded Terry the “2016 George Wolf Award.” Last year Terry was able to work with the teacher advisor from the Easton Key Club and she brought a group of students to help deliver and read with the March 1st graders and I understand that many of the students can’t wait until they can help deliver and read again this coming March. This may be a project Walt can work with our K-Kids or Builders Club this coming year. But just think, this program over the past 12 years in the Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton Schools had delivered personalized books to over 43,000 1st graders: all with a Kiwanis logo inside. Be Proud!

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Our natural resources are not endless and energy costs continue to rise.
In an effort to help save our resources and save you some money with your water/sewer bills and energy bills, Easton Kiwanis has partnered with Conservation Warehouse. When placing an order and you enter "Kiwanis" at the coupon box you will receive a 15% discount and Easton Kiwanis will receive a donation from Conservation Warehouse. You may also download your own coupon sheet or ad sheet to print and hand out to friends and others.    Click for Coupon Sheet    Click for Ad Sheet

Joanne Cappellano August 13
Janet Morgan August 13
Gary Tempest August 28

Sarah Panovec Aug 2015
Upcoming Speakers--Programs + Events:
Aug 16 Speaker: ?
100th Anniversary Committee meeting AFTER regular meeting 
Aug 23  ROAD TRIP to the Easton Salvation Army for meeting and lunch, 1110 Northampton St, NOON 
Aug 30  8AM meeting at Easton City Market 
Sept 6  
Sept 13  
Sept 20   Rose Sales Paid Order Due Today 
Sept 27  8AM meeting at Easton City Market 
Oct 4  Induction of officers & directors to begin the 100th year of Easton Kiwanis 
Oct 19  Rose delivery today beginning at 7AM 
April 22, 2018  100th Anniversary Celebration of Easton Kiwanis
Green Pond Golf Course, Sunday afternoon luncheon event 
Greeters: ___________________________________________________
Aug 16  Joanne Cappellano 
Aug 23 -road trip- Easton Salvation Army
Aug 30 BREAKFAST 8AM at Easton City Market  
Sept 6  Skip Fairchild 
Sept 13  Ken Wildrick 
Sept 20  Joanne Cappellano 
Sept 27   BREAKFAST 8AM at Easton City Market  
Oct 4  
Sponsored Youth Meetings:


 Cheston K-Kids
Club Advisor Heidi Fritts


 Easton Middle School Builders Club
  School Advisor


March K-Kids Club
Club Advisor John Repasch
Wednesdays at 3:30PM


 Paxinosa K-Kids
School Advisor Michelle Gifford


 Shawnee K-Kids 
 School Advisor Givon Ellison




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