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My times are in your hand. Psalm 31:15

Paul wrote: Let us keep awake and be sober. 1 Thessalonians 5:6

Lord, let us not forget that everything we have is from you. Keep our world living by your command. Amen.

Recent Programs and Meeting Held

Sept 13 We welcomed a soon-to-be new member, Aaron Fuhrman. Walt brought Aaron to our meetings. He was a member before of the Club of the Stroudsburgs. Aaron relocated his business to Phillipsburg so we are a perfect fit. Quick reminder about next weeks meeting on the 20th. We will have lunch at the Pomfret Club and then go to the new Easton Police Headquarters on 4th St (parking available there) for an in depth tour with current Police Chief Scalzo and a former Police Chief we all know and love, Skip Fairchild. Barb reminded us that next week Rose Orders are due. Walt reported that he has been in contact with the head of Easton Police’s Vice Unit and he and the committee hopes to meet soon to discuss what our club can do to help eliminate the opioid crisis in the area. Walt also offered Palmer Kiwanis the opportunity to join with us on this serious but timely problem. Walt and Janet will begin to investigate dates for a springtime Applebee’ Flapjack fundraiser. Dean reminded us that 31st Easton Jazz Festival to benefit the Boys & Girls Club is this Friday Sept 15th at the Lafayette College’s Williams Center for the Arts. And speaking of the Williams Art Center today’s speaker was Hollis Ashby, Director of the Center. Hollis came to Lafayette about 2 years ago from U C Berkley in California. Formerly Ellis Finger who has retired directed the Williams Center. What Hollis wanted us all to make sure we and everyone we talk to knows that the Williams Center and just about all its performances are open to the public; not just Lafayette students. She explained why colleges for many years have built various “performance halls.” As it was colleges built large lecture halls and had to make them acoustically perfected so students could hear their instructors. Then over the years many of the smaller college towns the lecture hall became a performing hall when it was not used for lectures. For some small towns this was where various live theatre troupes performed and was a way to bring entertainment to towns. Not all towns and cities have The Historic State Theatre. Hollis mentioned that one of the first people she met was Dean with the planning for the Jazz Festival that year. Throughout the year the Williams Center tries to bring in a variety of reasonably priced shows for the families in the community. It is a smaller venue with some 400 seats; very intimate for performers. The shows for the younger audiences even include an “audience guide” for families to use to help explain to their children what the play is about. Many times there are “meet & greets” after the performance. The newly opened Buck Hall on North Third St is a “black box” theatre that our club toured last year. Currently there are upcoming shows in the Buck for the National Theatre Live: the best of London Theater captured live and shown on a large video screen. More information at http://williamscenter.lafayette.edu 


in the Easton schools begins in February. Click here for the dates.

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Our natural resources are not endless and energy costs continue to rise.
In an effort to help save our resources and save you some money with your water/sewer bills and energy bills, Easton Kiwanis has partnered with Conservation Warehouse. When placing an order and you enter "Kiwanis" at the coupon box you will receive a 15% discount and Easton Kiwanis will receive a donation from Conservation Warehouse. You may also download your own coupon sheet or ad sheet to print and hand out to friends and others.    Click for Coupon Sheet    Click for Ad Sheet

Victor Dennis 15
Charles Snyder 18
Christopher Paltz 28


William Walters 1982 35 years
Gary Tempest 1993 24 years
Barbara Walters 2003 14 years

Upcoming Speakers--Programs + Events:
Sept 20  Lunch at the Pomfret Club and then a tour of the new Easton Police Department AND Rose Sales Paid Order Due Today 
Sept 27  8AM meeting at Easton City Market 
Oct 4  Induction of officers & directors to begin the 100th year of Easton Kiwanis 
Oct 11  John Mahler-County bureau of Aging AND Foundation Board meeting after lunch
Oct 18  Jared mast-GEDP 
Oct 19  Rose delivery today beginning at 7AM 
Oct 25  8AM Breakfast Meeting at Easton Public Market 
Nov 1  Candice Dew-Seniors Helping Seniors 
Nov 4  Region 6 Meeting 
Nov 8  Michael-TSA from ABE airport 
Nov 15  Dr Alison Byerly-President of Lafayette College 
Nov 22 normally no meeting-day before Thanksgiving
Nov 29  8AM Breakfast Meeting at Easton Public Market  
Dec 6  IU 20 Annual Christmas Party for Kids 
Dec 13  Kevin Dolan-County Children & Youth (and fellow Kiwanian) 
Dec 20  Firefighter of the Year, dinner event Grand Eastonian Hotel 7PM 
Dec 27  ?8AM Breakfast Meeting at Easton Public Market  
April 22, 2018  100th Anniversary Celebration of Easton Kiwanis
Green Pond Golf Course, Sunday afternoon luncheon event 
Greeters: ___________________________________________________
Sept 20  Joanne Cappellano 
Sept 27   BREAKFAST 8AM at Easton City Market  
Oct 4  Skip Fairchild 
Sponsored Youth Meetings:


 Cheston K-Kids
Club Advisor 


 Easton Middle School Builders Club
  School Advisor


March K-Kids Club
Club Advisor John Repasch
Wednesdays at 3:30PM


 Paxinosa K-Kids
School Advisor 


 Shawnee K-Kids 
 School Advisor




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