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Club Photos

Photo Gallery: Honors Day and Installation of 2004-Officers      October 6, 2004

What a great day in Easton Kiwanis history!  52 members, spouses, guests, fellow surrounding Kiwanis club members, past Easton Kiwanis club presidents, PA District Executive Director Kevin Thomas and PA District Governor Bill Brandamore were all in attendance.  Awards were presented to many members.  Over 2 dozen members received "Recognition of Thanks" for the great job they do on their various committees and "Chairs of Events." 9 members received "Legion of Honor" pins and awards totaling over 325 years of Kiwanis service. (See list at bottom of this page.) Newsletter Editor and Photographer Tom Malerba received a Kiwanis briefcase to contain and carry his many photos and notes.  And surprise Hixson Awards were presented to Donna Murphy, Walt Howell and Norm Peil thanking them for their past exceptional service to Easton Kiwanis.  As of now we have 20 members of our club who have received Hixson Awards....that's 36% of our members!  PA Kiwanis Executive Kevin Thomas presented Distinguished Club award pins and a banner-patch for the 2002-03 year to President Donna Murphy and Secretary Clarence Snyder and the club received a "Prayer Luncheon"  award banner patch. PA Kiwanis Gov Brandamore  assisted with many duties in the awards.  He received a "thank-you" certificate along with a $200 check for the PA Kiwanis Foundation in honor of his attendance at our event.  16 past presidents were there including some of our "retired" members: Andy Herster 1957, Jim Hemstreet 1958, Bob Daws 1973, Bill Noll 1985 and Dick Snyder 1991.  It was really great to see the "living past history" of Easton Kiwanis.  Just think, a couple of these presidents were our club president prior to some of our current members being born.  Installation of the new 2004-05 Officers and Directors was handled by Division 17 Lt. Governor Bill Walters.  Outgoing Pres Joanne was surprised with a brand-new "Past President" pin that contains 2 diamonds. 
Let your mouse cursor stay on each picture for a caption.
Lt Gov Bill presenting to Gov Bill Gov Bill congratulates Donna Murphy and her Hixson
Lt Gov Bill congratulates Charlie Adams Norm Peil being surprised with Hixson
Norm Peil's wife Elda pins his Hixson on Gov Brandamore pins Rog Conners for 41 years membership
Lt Gov Bill congratulates Clarence Snyder Gov Bill, Pres. Joanne and Walt Howell with his Hixson
The most happy fella, Charles Bomboy after receiving his 48 year membership pin Gov Bill pins Lt Gov Bill with 25 years of membership in Kiwanis
PA Executive Kevin Thomas awards Clarence Snyder and Donna Murphy Distinguished Club awards for 2002-03 Greetings from PA District Governor Bill Brandamore
PA Executive Kevin Thomas awards us a Prayer Meeting banner patch Gov Bill doesn't want to take the envelope from Lt Gov Bill.
Once Gov Bill realizes the envelope has money for the PA Kiwanis Foundation, that's another story..."I'll take it!" Lt Gov Bill installing new club Pres Walt Howell
New Pres Walt pinning outgoing Pres Joanne with a special Past Presdient pin with 2 diamonds Pres Walt making his first "official" Presidential Address!
Presidents-past and future with their Hixsons!

Charlie Adams Super Raffle AND Annual Children’s Holiday Party
Roger Barlow Membership Committee
Tom Barton Board of Directors; Foundation Board Member; Shad
      Fishing Kids Casting Contest; Soap Box Derby
Charlie Bomboy Board of Directors; Foundation Board Member;
      Chair of Spiritual Aims
Joanne Cappellano Super Raffle AND Foundation Board of Directors
Nick Ciambrone Project Literacy; Co-chair Annual Spaghetti Dinner
Roger Conners Foundation Board of Directors
Vic Dennis Greeter, Orientation, Inter-club Chairs; Kiwanis
      Foundation Board Member; Salvation Army Ding-A-Lings Chair
Ira Faro Annual Children’s Holiday Party “Santa”
Bill Fifield New Member Orientation co-Chair
Fred Finken Foundation Board of Directors
Marta Gabriel Board of Directors
Walt Howell Vice-president AND Youth Services Co-chair
Tom Malerba Bulletin Editor
Don Mengel Annual Golf Tournament; Annual Member Guest Golf Outing/Clambake
Diane Murphy Board of Directors; Scholarship AND Youth
      Services Committee co-Chair
Donna Murphy Co-chair Golf Tournament AND Spaghetti Dinner;
      Foundation Board of Directors; Board of Directors
Lach Peeke Adopt-a-highway; Special Olympics; Chair Derriere-
      In-the-Delaware; New Member Inductions
Norm Peil Foundation Board of Directors
Elaine Rutherford Board of Directors; Weekly Speakers; Rose Sale;
      Project Literacy; Foundation Board
Charles Snyder Board of Directors; Annual Golf Tournament
Clarence Snyder Secretary Emeritus; Foundation Board of Directors
Gary Tempest Foundation Board Member; Treasurer
Betsy Walker Board of Directors; Scholarship Co-chair
Barbara Walters Miller-Keystone Blood Donor Chair
William Walters Club Secretary; Web Page Editor; Super Raffle;
      Foundation Board Member; Rose Sale; Lt. Gov. Div 17 2004-05
John Wetzig Printing Services For: Weekly Newsletter, Golf Outing and Super Raffle
Tom Malerba Kiwanis briefcase for his “editor job”


The success of Kiwanis International is largely due to the strong, effective, and active service of thousands of Kiwanians, many of whom have achieved more than 25 years of membership. These dedicated individuals deserve recognition for having helped make Kiwanis the great organization it is today. The Legion of Honor award of Kiwanis International has been created to assist in extending a token of appreciation to these Kiwanians, recognizing members beginning with 25 years of service and every 5 years of additional service.  Below are 9 members with over 325 years of service to Kiwanis.

Bill Walters---25 years
Victor Dennis---26 years
Fred Finken Jr---30 years
Bill Fifield---31 years
George Hemstreet---31 years
Roger Conners II---41 years
Norm Peil, Jr---46 years
J Wilbur Mack---47 years
Charles Bomboy---48 years


The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President George F. Hixson, who served from 1916 to 1918, and holds the distinction of being the only leader to serve two terms as Kiwanis International President. Overall his record accounts for more than 50 years of dedication to Kiwanis service.

Funds received for a Hixson Fellowship can be designated for one of two programs: the Kiwanis International Foundation Endowment, or the Kiwanis International Worldwide Service Project. These Hixson award funds have been designated for the Worldwide Iodine Deficiency Disorder project.  The newest Hixson Award recipients are:

Donna Murphy
Norma Peil
Walt Howell

Existing Hixson members are:

Cyrus Fleck
Tom Barton III
Roger Barlow
Elaine Rutherford
Clarence Snyder
Jim Masterson

Charles Bomboy
Lach Peeke
Barb Walters
Bill Walters
Charles Adams

Joanne Cappellano
Vic Dennis
Herm Beam
Fred Finken
Gary Tempest
Chuck Snyder

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