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Club Photos

Event Photos: John Wilbur Mack's Awards Jan. 17, 2007

The Easton Kiwanis Club honored our long-time member and friend, John Wilbur Mack.  Wilbur received his 50 year membership pin and a George F. Hixson Award on January 17, 2007.  Three of his 4 sons were able to attend and participate in the ceremony.  Wilbur's uncle Harvey was founder of Mack Printing and Wilbur followed in his uncle's footsteps when it came to Kiwanis.  For many years Wilbur has been wearing his uncles' Kiwanis pin.  Now Wilbur is proud to wear it alongside his 50 year AND his Hixson pins.  Wilbur suspected some sort of "special" meeting this week as he was asked the prior week to "make sure he attends this meeting."  Then once his 3 sons showed up to join the club and he for lunch he was pretty sure something was afoot.  So when President Barb Walters presented his 50 year pin, he thought that was what was planned.  Then we really surprised him with the George F. Hixson medal and plaque.  Allowing his sons to participate was also special.  His one son, Jim had been a Palmer Kiwanian so he was asked to "pin on" his 50 year Kiwanis pin, and then son Don was asked to "pin on" his Hixson pin while son Bill placed the Hixson medallion ribbon over his father's head.  Also surprised was Pres. Barb as she was expecting to sew-on the next Hixson banner-patch but club secretary Bill Walters found out the the club was eligible for a "Kiwanis Honors Banner" which arrived with all of the club's Hixson members neatly sewn on.  Barb presented history of the Kiwanis International Foundation along with that of the first International President George F. Hixson for whom the award is named.  This was a special event in that George F. Hixson celebrated 50 years in Kiwanis and now so has Wilbur.  Wilbur then asked for some time to comment about his membership in Kiwanis.  He reminded us that his uncle attended Kiwanis every week whether in Easton or his other home in Florida.  Wilbur was glad he joined Kiwanis and when he did there "Were no women in Kiwanis, and I thought that was good.  But now that women are in Kiwanis they take a hold of things and get things done!"  He reminded his sons that now he will have to change his will and someday leave something in it to Kiwanis, "Maybe 50 cents or so!"  He was very honored that we thought to invite his sons and was glad that 3 of the 4 were there.  Thank you John Wilbur Mack for being a part of Easton and International Kiwanis.  Also present for the ceremony was Div 17 Lt. Governor Kathy Heller. (leave your mouse on picture for comments and click on the thumbnails for larger image) 
Wilbur, Barb, Bill, DonDon, Bill, Barb, Wilbur, Jim, KathyDon pins Wilburs HixsonBill hangs Wilbur's medal ribbonPres Barb reads the certificate

Jim pins Wiburs 50th Wilbur's proud of 50 yearsWilbur's standing ovationWilbur's remarksNew Honors Banner



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